Village & Pillage out today on Bedrock

Download it for Xbox One, Windows 10 Edition, iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch today!

Did it take a village to finish Minecraft’s biggest update yet? Oh pah-lease. It took so much more! It took hardworking developers, pixel artists, that wonderful person who keeps the office fridge stocked, far too many employees to thank here, and most of all – you! – the players, giving us your constant feedback every step of the way. You helped make Village & Pillage an update we couldn’t be more proud of.

Best of all, we get to release it today! Xbox One, Windows 10 Edition, iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch players will find the update ready to be installed either right now, very soon, or in the recent past – in fact, why not check your chosen Minecraft platform now and see if you’re ready to join all new-villages, fight all-new mobs, and discover tons more all-new all-great features!

(Playing Minecraft: Java? You get Village & Pillage today too! Click this lush line of emerald green text to find out more).

You’ll find a full changelog below, but while you’re still up here, I’ll highlight some of my favourite new features:

  • Pillagers! What can I say? I love a good scrap, and so do the newest mob to enter Minecraft, even if they’re not too bright. Quick, craft a brand-new crossbow before they attack you with theirs!
  • The Wandering Trader! A mysterious merchant who travels the lands in search of sales. Sure, I could waste more of my life telling you all about this sales savant, but why bother when I can just link you to this ace video all about the Wandering Trader instead? Or this brilliant article written by Per ‘you better mention I also worked on that video’ Landin?
  • New villager trades! You’ll find villagers busy beavering away at their new jobs in each village you visit, and we’ll have a deep dive into all their new occupations this Saturday!

Keep checking Minecraft on Xbox One, Windows 10 Edition, iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch for the update, and enjoy!

Want to chat with us about the update? Join us on the official Minecraft Discord at

Known Issue: some mobs are bugged and might look like new villagers in some Marketplace maps. We’re working on a hotfix and we want to get it out to you as soon as we can – please don’t open these worlds until then. See for more information.

Please note that there is a bug that currently affects HD texture packs on mobile devices. Using these texture packs may cause your game to crash. Until we get this bug fixed, we advise you to not use HD texture packs on mobile devices. We hope to get this bug fixed soon!



  • Updated Villages

    • Many new building types and enhanced village generation

    • Biome specific architecture for plains, desert, savannah, and taiga

  • New Villagers

    • Villagers have new clothing to indicate their level, profession, and biome

    • Added Mason and Nitwit villagers

    • Villagers now sleep in beds

    • Villagers now visit their job sites during the day and go home at night

    • Greatly improved villager pathfinding

    • Villagers in existing worlds will convert to new villagers (if they are not part of a template world)

    • Zombie Villagers now have biome-specific and profession skin layers

  • Village Job Sites

    • Villagers can now take on a new profession when near a job site block

    • While villagers claim these sites, they also have functions for players

    • Cartography Table – Provides an easier way to copy and enlarge maps. Maps can be locked by using glass panes

    • Grindstone – Used to repair weapons and tools, plus disenchanting

    • Barrel – Stores items like a chest but can still be opened with blocks on top of it

    • Smoker – Cooks food much faster than a furnace

    • Blast Furnace – Faster ore smelting

    • Composter – Adding enough crops will produce bone meal

    • Stonecutter – Easy crafting for stone and cobblestone items

    • Smithing Table and Fletching Table – Functionality coming in a later update

  • Villager Trading

    • Added brand new villager trades (169044)

    • Villagers now have a visual based trading system and will hold up an item they wish to trade if the player is holding something they want

    • When villagers make trades, they gain experience. When they gain enough experience, they level up. Leveling up unlocks new trades

    • Villagers will resupply their trades when arriving at their job site (172559)

  • Wandering Trader

    • A villager mob that will appear at a village’s gathering site periodically and stays for a period of 2-3 game days

    • This trader offers items from a wide variety of different biomes, random dyes, and other rare materials

    • Accompanied on their journey by two fancy llamas!

  • Bells

    • When rung, all villagers will run into their houses

    • Bells ring when players interact with them or are powered by redstone


  • Pillager Outposts

    • The new tower hangout for pillagers that generate in the same biomes as villages

    • Pillagers will respawn around the tower

    • Clear them out and score some loot!

  • Illager Captain

  • Raids

    • When a player enters a village with Bad Omen, a raid will be triggered

    • Pillager enemies will attack a village in waves

    • Players that successfully defend a village from a raid will receive the Hero of the Village effect, giving a steep discount on trades with villagers

  • Ravager

    • A powerful, new enemy mob found in illager patrols and during village raids

    • When running, it can destroy some blocks like crops so watch out!

    • Can be ridden into battle by illagers

  • Pillager Patrols


New Features

  • Campfire

    • A new light source to cozy up your village

    • Works great as a fireplace in a home, with no fire spread to worry about

    • Throw some food on it and become a campfire cooking pro!

  • Sweet Berries

  • Bamboo Jungle

  • New Achievements

    • Plethora of Cats – Befriend twenty stray cats (20G)

    • Kill the Beast! – Defeat a Ravager (30G)

    • Buy Low, Sell High – Trade for the best possible price (50G)

    • Disenchanted – Use a Grindstone to get experience from an enchanted item (20G)

    • We’re being attacked – Trigger a Pillager Raid (20G)

    • Sound the Alarm! – Ring the bell with a hostile enemy in the village (20G)

    • I’ve got a bad feeling about this – Kill a Pillager Captain (20G)

  • Roaming Skin Choice

    • When choosing a skin from a skin pack, the selected skin will now be selected automatically on other Bedrock devices using the same account

    • Some skin packs may not be eligible for roaming selection

  • Accessibility Features

    • Text to Speech can now be enabled to read in-game chat

    • UI Screen Reader can be enabled to say the name of interface controls and their current state

    • Accessibility features can be enabled in Settings


  • Note on World Generation: In order to deliver the coolest generated villages possible, some world seeds may have villages generate in different areas than they used to before this update

  • A fresh new batch of seeds are now available in the Seed Picker when creating a new world

  • Added even more new textures to blocks and items, including stained glass

  • Increased the amount of scaffolding that can be placed out from its initial support

  • Changes to the way cats spawn in villages:

    • Cats now respawn based on number of beds in the village

    • The number of cats = 1/4 the number of beds

    • Cat total caps at 10 cats per village

  • Lecterns now emit a redstone signal when turning pages

  • Darkened portions of the game’s menus to provide stronger contrast for accessibility


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