For Sale – Virtualisation PC /media PC

Hi mate I may have low feedback jut this would be the third time I have sent something before I have received payment.. The last stuff was over 450 pounds worth of stuff and then I had to chase for two days to get payment. So I would prefer not too
I also stated that that the price doesn’t include delivery so will have to work something out there..
The case is in good condition I have just didn’t put it on properly for the first pic, third was to show how the ssd was seated lol

Forgot to mention its got an Intel pci e Nic card too.

One back panel is missing

No warranty except the ssd which I bought a few months back from Cex which should have two years and I’m happy to help with that.

Where abouts are you based as I travel alot for work

PayPal would work too.. I will get the post up for the last big sale too, I just haven’t received feedback for that yet

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