For Sale – Vortexbox 2.4 Intel Atom Server – 64gb SSD, Plex Server, Roon Server, Squeezebox Server

For sale is my old music and movies server (now replaced by an Intel NUC running ROCK for Roon and a Nvidia Shield for Plex).

It started off life as a LIV Concepts (now Innuos) Zen 1tb Vortexbox in 2012.

Spec now is:

Intel Atom 1.66ghz (from memory, lost the eBay page I had saved telling me the exact specs)
2gb RAM (ditto)
64gb SSD for operating system (will need either an additional 3.5″ HDD installing, or a NAS mounting)
Blu Ray disc drive
Vortexbox 2.4 software installed, running Plex server, Squeezebox Server and Roon.
MakeMKV installed for Blu Ray and DVD ripping.

Amazingly for a 2012 machine it ran my 1000 album Roon server perfectly.

You may want to re-install the software as I’ve been into the Linux code and mounted my NAS etc, and do a fresh install of Vortexbox (or whatever else you might want to do).

This probably isn’t a plug and play job, but if you like tinkering, it’s yours for £60 plus postage.

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