For Sale – Water Cooled PC i7 2600k, 16GB ram, 650W, Blu-ray writer

Hi All

I am selling my old workstation, that has no working graphic card.

The Graphic card stopped working and I get a either a no graphic card detected beep or it POST and no image is shown. I removed the graphic card and i just get the missing graphic card beep. So all other parts are working.

I have removed the hard drives so you will need a new HDD or SSD,

unit as follows.

  1. Asus P67 Sabertooth Motherboard
  2. Intel i7 2600K CPU
  3. 16GB DDR 3 Ram (2x 8GB) Not sure on model but i know it was the fastest one at the time.
  4. NXZT 650 Gold Modular Power Supply – include all cables and case
  5. Cooler Master 690 MK2 Case – Missing Cage for even more hard drive, needed space for Pump
  6. Creative Sound blaster X-Fi Sound card – not sure which model
  7. EK CPU water Block
  8. EK double Radiators, roof mounted
  9. ATI – 4870 Grahpic card with custom waterblock – not working
  10. 3 x 140mm Fans
  11. 3 super quiet fans with rubber suspension connectors
  12. battery after buner to keep fans working after shutdown – new unused
  13. Molex Connector remover kit and tools
  14. many meters of White braid multi sizes
  15. EK Punp and reservoir + power pn connector to turn on PC without motherboard to drain and fill.
  16. Assortments of plugs and connectors + extra fans and cables.

The unit itself is in good to average condition, needs a clean in and out including the water loop, as been sitting in a while now without an maintenance, (Kids take all my time now )

I am pricing this to shift as i have just purchased a NUC so only looking for £150 Collected (due to weight and water)

If I sold the first 4 items alone, I would get more money, than what I am asking for whole lot, but just want it gone as easy as possible.

Any questions let me know, Picture coming up soon.

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