For Sale – Watercooling parts – Fittings, radiators, pump/res combos, etc.

I have for sale various water cooling parts. Some of these have recently been removed from my own system, as I’ve decided to move back to air. All parts were used with clear coolant, however as normal with water cooling parts will need a clean before using.

Unless otherwise stated, all of the items are in good condition but may have a few marks, missing paint around screw holes, or slight ware.

EKWB EK-XRES 140 Revo D5 RGB PWM Pump and Reservoir – A couple of small marks on the tube, however in very good condition. Will come boxed with I believe all the parts. £100
EK XE 240 Radiator – The threads on one side of this were either stripped or never punched correctly, so it can only be mounted text side down. £25
EK SE 240 Radiator – A little dusty in the picture!. £20
EK-RES X3 Multiport top – £10
EK-RES X3 Internal Tube 12/16 40mm – £2
EK-Supremacy MX – With LGA 115x fittings. £20
EK-UNI Pump Bracket (120mm FAN) – £6

EK Plug x 3 – £2 each.
EK-ACF 10/16mm Nickel Compression fittings x 10 – £4 each.
EK-AF 90 degree Nickel Rotary fitting x 3 – £4 each.
Barrow Matte Black Plug x 4 – £2 each.
Barrow Matte Black 90 degree rotary fitting x 6 – £3.50 each.
Barrow Matte Black ‘Choice’ 3/8 – 5/8 Flexible Tube Compression Fitting x 10 – £3.50 each.
Barrow Matte Black Mini Valve – £13.
Barrow Matte Black 5mm extender – £2

EK-Tube ZMT Matte Black 16/10mm (284 cm in length) – Unused. £10
Mayhems Ultra Clear Watercooling Tubing (3/8 – 5/8) 16/10mm (211 cm in length) – Unused. £3


Price and currency: £multiple
Delivery: Delivery cost is not included
Payment method: Bank transfer
Location: London
Advertised elsewhere?: Advertised elsewhere
Prefer goods collected?: I have no preference

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