For Sale – X370 mobo, DRR4 RAM, water cooling and fans and router

Getting rid of a bit of clutter in the house, bit of upgrading/ downgrading

Linksys WRTAC1900ACS has been reverted to stock firmware as i had it on DD WRT for VPN use (i do recommend a custom firmware for this as this is what it was built for) – £75

Asrock X370 Gaming K4 Boxed with everything as new (has been updated to latest bios for the 2000 series CPUs) – £90 – NOW £70

Corsair DDR4 2x8GB 3200mhz RAM in RED – SOLD TO acave
Its this one Corsair 16GB DDR4 Red Vengeance LPX 3200MHz Memory Kit for Skylake
If using Ryzen you can definitely get this RAM running at 2933 mhz minimum, Intel you just run the XMP profile for 3200 mhz or it can overclock 3466 mhz on some boards. I had this on 3200 mhz on Skylake and 2933 mhz on Ryzen 1st gen.

1x EK SUPREMACY EVO CPU BLOCK copper block with AM4 Ryzen mounting bracket £30 – NOW £20

1x EK-XTOP SPC-60 PWM – PLEXI (INCL. PUMP) (PWM controlled clear so that you can see your liquid. This has the mounting grommets on it but i can’t find the screws. It only needs 4 will update the thread if i find them or some that might fit) £30 – NOW £20

2x G2 SLIM RADIATOR 16 FPI – 240MM (copper radiator) SOLD TO JACKs4B
Radiators have removable dust filters and also removable rubber to absorb the vibration from the fans (i had an 1700 over clocked to 4.0GHz and and overclocked 1080ti both in the loop with these, SP120s set at 900RPM kept them both cool whilst silent.

2x Monsoon FREE CENTER HARDLINE Fittings 3/8 X 1/2 (13MM) 6 PACK – MATTE BLACK a six pack will comes with the clear glue to attach the lock collar to the tubing
I have 2 6 packs of these, and three more separate ones. One is unused and still has the lock collar. Each 6 pack comes with a tightening wrench these will require lock collars as the ones that come with them have been used and they are not reusable. These are not expensive only £4 for a 6 pack.
You may find these cheaper elsewhere
Total 15 regular fittings £30 for all 15 – NOW £15

3 matte black monsoon 90 degree fittings SOLD TO Viberious

1x Barrow Cylinder T-Virus Black POM Cap Red Spiral Suspension Reservoir 205mm £15 lower price due to scratch NOW £8 (This has a UV light inside also this does have scratch across where the mounting bracket sits, luckily this cant be seen once the bracket is mounted)

MMRS PREMIUM G 1/4 PLUG – MATTE BLACK (this will be free with reservoir)

4x Corsair CO-9050006-WW Air Series SP120 Quiet Edition 120mm Low Noise High Pressure Fan (These are the PWM versions) £10 for 2 as they came in 2 packs – NOW £8

PETG TUBING 13/10MM (ID 3/8 OD 1/2 90CM) – CLEAR (i have one full 90cm and 65cm none these have been used

6 x Silverstone Fan Grills packaged and unopened (bought for a desk PC build but i didn’t get permission from the boss so it was scrapped ) £25 for all – NOW £10

2.5 inch hard drives:
1TB Toshiba MQ01ABD100 (this is a 9mm drive so should fit into a PS4 and most laptops) – SOLD TO dirtyHarry108
500GB TOSHIBA MQ01ABF050 (this is a 7mm drive so should fit in everything) – SOLD TO dirtyHarry108

Drives have been wiped and health status is on post 23 all in working order
For Sale – Hard drives, x370 mobo, water cooling and fans

Everything is in brand new condition apart from the radiator and reservoir. Currently i can’t find any invoices for anything apart from the Google home mini and Phillips Bulbs as these were bought recently. All come with boxes. Water cooling kit has been cleaned out with distilled water, however it has been sat in a box for months, so make sure you flush out any dust on the inside as i have just cleaned the outside before boxing them up again. Will be some more bits and bobs as i’m still clearing out and hopefully i can find some invoices.

Update i have found the invoices for the pump, water block, fittings and radiator. All purchased from Overlockers around May 2017. Reservoir was purchased from ebay, so i would expect any warranty with this, but then again its just a tank.

Have found invoice for the Motherboard it was purchased from Alza June 2017

I’m in Sheffield if anyone would like to collect.
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